About Us

Camel City Mill is proud to be from North Carolina, where we manufacture 100% of our socks from Merino wool---the most comfortable, durable, and breathable fabric you can put on your feet. 

The name Camel City Mill comes from our hometown, Winston Salem. 

Back in the day, Winston Salem and the surrounding area was a hub of American textiles. But big companies made boardroom decisions to cut costs and ship jobs overseas. And that left towns like Winston Salem practically a ghost town.

But US manufacturing is staging its comeback. 

And Camel City Mill is proud to be part of it. 

Our wool work socks are made with American craftsmanship and USA-sourced fabrics, as our co-founder, William, breaks down in this quick video:

But we know it’s not enough to be local...we also believe our work socks are truly the most comfortable, breathable, and durable work socks you can own. 

Our socks also feature:

  • Ironside Merino wool durability that won’t quit 
  • Thermoregulation for warm feet in winter and cool feet in summer
  • Compression and support for better circulation and recovery
  • All day comfort, with padding in all the right spots so even the toughest boots feel comfortable on your drive home

When you’re on the job, your socks are a piece of equipment.

When it’s hour 14 of your shift, you’re going to thank us. 

- William and Dean, founders of Camel City Mill

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