10 Hacks for Winter Boot Care

These 10 tips will help you care for your boots during harsh winters. Plus we have some little known hacks that will get you better traction on snow and ice.
10 Hacks for Winter Boot Care

Hey there, hardworking folks!

At Camel City Mill, we know a thing or two about keeping things durable and comfortable, whether it's your feet or your trusty leather boots.

Winters can be tough, especially if you're up north, and the real culprits behind boot deterioration are salt and moisture.

Unprotected leather can crack after drying out, which is why it’s crucial to properly clean, condition, and weatherproof your boots.

Here's how you can keep your boots in top shape, just like we keep our Camel City Mill Heavyweight socks - perfect for those cold days in steel toe boots.

Protecting Your Boots in Winter

1. Clean Your Soles Regularly

Get yourself a sturdy boot brush and place it right outside your door. A quick scrub can remove the bulk of the dirt, snow, mud, and that dreaded salt. It’s a small step, but it goes a long way in preventing the leather from drying and cracking.

2. A Quick Wipe-Down Does Wonders

No need to go all out with a toothbrush, but wiping down your boots to remove road salt will prevent them from losing moisture. This simple nightly routine can save your boots from premature aging.

3. Weekly Conditioning: Just Like Our Socks

Just as you care for your feet by choosing our Camel City Mill Heavyweight socks, care for your boots too. After kicking off your boots (and maybe pulling on some cozy Camel City Mill socks), give your boots a quick clean and condition them well. Trust us, a little bit of conditioning goes a long way.

4. Waterproof Your Boots

Just like our socks are designed to handle moisture, your boots need protection too. A good waterproofing treatment can significantly extend the life of your boots, especially when facing snow and wet weather.

5. Dry Your Boots Properly

Pulling on damp boots is the worst - not to mention it's bad for the leather. Ensure your boots are dried properly to avoid mold and cracks. Think of it like caring for your socks – you wouldn’t want to put on a pair of wet Camel City Mill socks, right?

Improving Traction in Snow and Ice

Navigating icy terrains? Here's how to keep your footing secure:

1. Choose the Right Boots

Just like choosing the right socks for the job, selecting boots with tested slip-resistant soles can make a huge difference.

2. Traction Spray for Rubber Soles

If your boots have rubber soles, a traction spray can be a game-changer. Just make sure to apply it to dry soles.

3. DIY Grip

A bit of adhesive spray and sand can create a skateboard-like grip, helping you stay steady on icy surfaces.

4. Tread Tape is Your Friend

Apply tread tape on slippery steps, ladders, or any other slick surface. You can even customize it to fit the bottom of your boots.

5. Ice Grips for Harsh Winters

In areas with heavy snowfall, ice grips can be a lifesaver, and some designs are versatile enough for indoor use or driving.

So, while you're keeping your feet snug in our Camel City Mill socks, don't forget to give your boots the same TLC. And for those of you gearing up for winter, our Heavyweight socks are a must-have with those steel toe boots. Stay warm, dry, and safe out there!