6 Most Comfortable Work Boots to Power Through a 14-Hour Shift With

6 Most Comfortable Work Boots to Power Through a 14-Hour Shift With

Say goodbye to sweaty, stinky, and tired feet after a long day on the job. With these amazingly comfortable work boots, you’ll protect and pamper your hard-working feet the way they deserve.

Best Quality Comfortable Work Boots: JK Boots O.T.

  •       Handmade quality, reliable construction
  •       “Hybrid sole” is suitable for work and sport use
  •       Excellent cushioning and support

Runner Up Soft Toe Work Boots: Brunt Marin

  •       Stylish for both work and casual use
  •       Thick, grippy, well-padded wedge sole
  •       Waterproof but breathable

Most Comfortable Work Boots for Standing all Day: Tecovas Knox

  •       Roper-style boots built for all-day comfort
  •       Dual footbed offers impressive cushioning
  •       Good quality at a great price

Most Comfortable Cowboy Work Boot: Ariat WorkHog

  •       Western style, modern work-friendly construction
  •       Waterproof and self-cleaning
  •       Shock-absorbing and pressure-dispersing

Best for Shock Absorption: Wolverine Raider Durashock Boots

  •       “Durashock” compression pads reduce impact
  •       Ideal for fast-paced and heavily loaded work
  •       Can have composite safety toe added

Most Comfortable Work Boots Under $100: Merrell MOAB 3

  •       Hiking boots that are incredibly comfortable for work
  •       Unbeatable price tag
  •       Versatile, rugged, and reliable


Work boots don’t have to be big, clunky, heavy, ugly things that feel like cinder blocks on your feet.

A good pair of work boots will strike the right balance between form and function, sturdy construction and lightweight versatility.

And, most importantly of all, they’ll be comfortable enough to keep you moving around and on your feet all day long fatigue-free.

If you’ve got a long work shift coming up, we’ve put together a list of the most comfortable work boots for you to wear on the job.  

How Did I Come Up With My List?

I’ve spent my fair share of time on work crews, clean-up crews, construction crews, and big DIY jobs and home renovations. For these jobs, work shoes aren’t just nice to have—they’re a must-have, legally required by OSHA.

But I’m a big, heavy guy, and the last thing I want is a pair of big, heavy shoes to add even more weight to lug around.

So I’ve spent the last 10+ years obsessing about finding the best work boots that offer enough protection to make them safety-rated but are still comfortable enough to wear over a long day on the job.

In that time, I’ve personally tested dozens of pairs, talked to all my “tradie” buddies, and combed through thousands of product reviews. All to find the work boots that my feet will love.

My research has led me to create the list below. I’ve started off with the work boots I believe are the most comfortable overall, then included a few more options based on specific needs.  


6 Most Comfortable Work Boots You Can Power Through a 14-Hour Shift With

Best Quality Comfortable Work Boots: JK Boots O.T.

JK Boots aren’t cheap, but boy are they worth it.

The JK Boots O.T. are the most comfortable and versatile work boots I’ve tested to date, not to mention some of the best-built.

The “hybrid” design means they’re suitable for work but are built with a sporty feel, flexible structure, and plenty of cushioning support so you can take them hiking or hunting.

I’ve worn these bad boys for 12+ hours of hoofing through the mountains and hauling supplies around a work site and I can attest that they’re truly comfortable. The tanned leather insoles, midsoles, and arch support give just enough cushioning to prevent foot fatigue without adding extra weight.

And thanks to the Vibram 100 Honey outsole, I’ve got solid grip on any wet, muddy, or slippery terrain.

What I Like

  • U.S. handmade quality and style. The mix of smooth and roughout leather is wonderfully good-looking while also being tough enough for work use.
  • Speed hooks on the top half of the shaft makes them easy to lace and unlace quickly.
  • The boots are fully rebuildable and resolable so they last a long time.
  • Thread for the stitching is NFPA-rated Technora fire-resistant so they can be used in high-heat environments.

What I Don't Like

  • The price tag is a bit steep. However, it’s very much a “you get what you pay for” situation, with the investment being well worth it.

What Other Reviewers Say

JK is a brand beloved by many boot-savvy guys who are willing to pay a higher price for better quality. The O.T. gets a lot of love in their online reviews, with many people calling them “the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned”. They also receive a great deal of praise for their build quality, stylish good looks, and JK’s customer support.

The Verdict

The JK O.T. boot is an investment worth considering if you want a pair of work boots that will last you for decades of hard use and look good doing it. Ultra-comfortable, reliable as anything, and tough as nails—everything you need in work boots, really.  

Runner Up Soft Toe Work Boots: Brunt Marin

I’m not going to lie: the Brunt Marin boots had my heart from the first day I spotted them.

I love my Red Wing Classic Mocs, so when I saw Brunt had a work-rated boot in the same design, I was all over them. And I haven’t regretted the decision even 3 years later.

The Brunt Marins look ultra-stylish—with a moccasin toe, thick wedge sole, and 6” shaft—but once you take a closer look, you’ll see they’ve got all the functionality you need in a pair of work boots.

With a rubber-skinned, oil- and slip-resistant sole, triple-layer waterproofing to protect the leather and your feet, ASTM F2892-18 rating, premium padded insoles, high-durability construction, and a mesh lining to let your feet breathe, they’re exactly my kind of workwear.

And the fact that they don’t have a safety toe means I can enjoy wearing them on weekends as well as at work without the extra weight or pressure on my feet.

What I Like

  •       The wedge sole is thick, beautifully grippy, and adds a really nice layer of cushioning that serves my big and tall frame well.
  •       Waterproof but still nicely breathable so my feet don’t overheat on hot summer work days.
  •       Surprisingly lightweight—just 1.6 pounds per boot. Easy to wear for a full work shift.
  •       Hyper-durable construction.
  •       A classic look I very much love. They’re very easy to style with my workwear and weekend casual outfits.

What I Don't Like

  •       When I first started wearing them, a bit of the coloring bled through the leather and stained my socks.  

What Other Reviewers Say

The Marin is one of Brunt’s most popular boots, highly rated by guys with an eye for quality and fashionable footwear. The boot scores high marks across the board with reviewers—great value for money, top-notch product quality, accurate sizing, and an overall excellent experience.

A few users did have trouble with the lining, saying they made the boots too warm in the summer. Some also found the boots were abnormally stiff prior to being fully broken in.

The Verdict

If your work doesn’t require you to wear safety toes, I recommend the Brunt Marin for its good looks (gotta love that Moc-toe), sturdy construction, and all-day comfort. The wedge sole and premium insoles make these particularly great for heavy guys who need more cushioning and support.


Most Comfortable Work Boots for Standing all Day: Tecovas Knox

Wedge soles for the win again.

The Tecovas Knox are built to look like cowboy boots (my favorite style: the roper boot), but boy do they hold up to a long day working on my feet. The combination of 1” wedge sole and dual footbed (a leather lining with shock-absorbing polyurethane insole) do an amazing job of offering the padding, support, and stability to stave off foot fatigue.

The boots are also water-resistant and mud and dirt-resilient. Just wash them off after a work day, and they’ll look good as new.

Thanks to the Vibram rubber used for the outsole, I’ve never slipped, slid, or skidded on slippery, oily, muddy, or icy ground.

What I Like

  • The Vibram rubber outsole is beautifully grippy on any terrain.
  • Roper style makes them the ideal cowboy-style boots to use for a long wok day.
  • Excellent cushioning and support thanks to the dual footbed.
  • Good-looking and durable.
  • One of the most affordable work boots on my list.

What I Don't Like

  • If I had one complaint, it’s that the boots are soft toe, so I can’t use them on any work site where safety toes are required.  

What Other Reviewers Say

With over 2,200 reviews and a 4.7-star rating, it’s safe to say the Tecovas Knox boots have earned the love of their wearers. Users rave about their fit, comfort, the ease of pulling them on and off (thanks to the 10” shaft), the quality construction, and their price.

Negative reviews are few and far between, but it seems that a few people have encountered issue with sizing inconsistencies.

The Verdict

When I’m on my feet for 12 hours at a time and I’m on a job where I’m not required to wear safety toe boots, the Tecovas Knox are my go-to. The roper style appeals to the cowboy boot-lover in me, and I love that they’re tough, easy to wash clean, fit like a glove, and have plenty of cushioning to keep me comfortable over a long work shift.  

Most Comfortable Cowboy Work Boot: Ariat WorkHog

The Ariat WorkHog has been my go-to cowboy work boot for going on 6 years now, and I can’t imagine myself ever switching it up.

They’re built in a lovely Western style: 1” heel, 10” shaft decorated with fancy stitching, tough full grain leather, and a square toe that’s roomy enough for my wide feet and thick toes.

But they’re also very work-friendly thanks to the self-cleaning, oil- and slip-resistant, highly grippy Duratread rubber outsole and the DRYShield waterproof coating applied to the leather.

And in all my tests, I have yet to find a cowboy work boot that can rival the comfort offered by the ATS Max pressure-dispersing insole and the shock-absorbing EVA midsole.

What I Like

  •       Waterproof, self-cleaning, and very sturdy.
  •       Cowboy style but built tough enough for on-the-job use.
  •       Very nicely cushioned and supportive footbed and midsole.
  •       ASTM F2892 EH rated, so safe for any job site with electrical hazards.
  •       A very affordable price tag, but quality to last for years.

What I Don't Like

  •       The boots don’t include a safety toe (though Ariat does have a Composite Toe WorkHog model).
  •       The fit was a bit tight across the ball of my foot until it was properly broken in (around 2 weeks).

What Other Reviewers Say

Based on the reviews available online, working guys tend to love the Ariat WorkHogs as much as I do. They praise the waterproofing, short break-in time, distressed leather look, and excellent cushioning. More than a few have said they’ve used them not only for work, but also hunting and hiking.

A few negative reviews made mention of quality control issues, including stitching that frayed too quickly or boots that arrived scuffed or scratched in the box.

The Verdict

I recommend the Ariat WorkHog as an all-around workhorse boot that you’ll find useful on the ranch, job site, around your house, even for a weekend camping trip. They’ve got plenty of cushioning for a big, heavy guy like me, offer great traction on muddy and wet ground, and are right at home among my rancher and farmer buddies.  

Best for Shock Absorption: Wolverine Raider Durashock Boots

The Wolverine Raider Durashock Boots were my son’s find. As a mechanic, he needs a pair of boots that can handle heavy work and protect him from falling wheels, tools, and heavy objects.

The “DuraShocks” Flex technology (individual compression pads) integrated into the outsole reduces impact on your feet and absorbs shock with every step, preventing foot fatigue and protecting against injuries. The compression pads are versatile enough for any terrain, making them great for work as well as hiking and mountain climbing.

The nylon shank integrated into the sole offers stability while the rubber lug outsole ensures you’ve got solid grip on the ground underfoot. And thanks to the full-cushioned footbed, your feet will be nicely supported all day long.  

What I Like

  • Shock-absorbing technology does a great job of reducing impact and preventing fatigue and injuries.
  • The boots feature the option to add a composite safety toe, making them suitable for job sites and mechanic shops.
  • Streamlined design and lighter weight than the older-model Raiders, but still tough as nails.
  • Very affordable price tag.

What I Don't Like

  • The break-in time is a bit longer than expected. My son didn’t stop complaining about these shoes until about 3 weeks after he began wearing them. Since then, though, he’s raved about them virtually non-stop.  

What Other Reviewers Say

The Raiders are Wolverine’s top-rated boots, and the addition of the Durashock Flex technology just made it even more popular among reviewers. It scores particularly high marks on its lightweightlight weight, all-day comfort, good looks, and durability.

Many of the complaints about these boots shared my gripe: the break-in time was a bit long, especially for guys with higher arches and wider forefeet. A few also complained about the exchange/return policies and processes—even if the boots were damaged after 1-2 uses, they couldn’t be replaced or sent back for a refund.  

The Verdict

I recommend the Wolverine Raider Durashock Boots to anyone who needs a bit more cushioning and impact-absorption, either due to their body weight or their fast-paced job. Overall, they’re just a great-priced and good-looking pair of work boots.  

Most Comfortable Work Boots Under $100: Merrell MOAB 3

I’ll say this right off the bat: these aren’t your typical work boots. In fact, they’re hiking boots.

I just happen to like using them for work because I fell in love with their Kinetic Fit Advanced footbed (which contours to the shape of my feet) and shock-absorbing Merrell Air Cushion and wanted that same all-day comfort on the job.

They’re particularly good for ultra-hot summer days, thanks to their breathable mesh, waterproof membrane, and lightweight leather-and-synthetic upper. The mid-height design offers great ankle support both on the trail and job site, and I have yet to slip while wearing these thanks to their Vibram TC5 rubber outsoles.

What I Like

  • Kinetic Fit Advanced footbed and Merrell Air Cushion make for a powerful cushioning/support combo.
  • Light, breathable, but nicely waterproof. My feet stay cool and dry even in rainy and hot summers.
  • Eco-friendly: made with 100% recycled mesh, webbing, and laces.
  • Great ankle stability and heel support.
  • Unbeatable price tag.

What I Don't Like

  • The boots are built for hiking, so they won’t hold up quite as well to the hazards, impacts, chemicals, and liquids I typically encounter on the job site. But they’re great for days when I’m sanding, drywalling, laying flooring, or doing other “lighter” jobs.  

What Other Reviewers Say

The Merrell MOAB 3s live up to expectations in comfort, quality, and versatility. Their waterproof and ultra-supportive design makes them popular for both work and hiking boots.

The Verdict

I know the Merrell MOAB 3s are a hiking boot, but I prefer to wear them on the days when I’m constantly in motion and moving at a fast pace on the job. They’re also great for hot summer days when you want to keep your feet cool and well-ventilated. And at that price tag, they’re worth considering.

What Makes a Work Boot Comfortable?

Proper Size and Fit

If the size and fit aren’t right, everything else will be entirely irrelevant.

Work boots need to be fit not only for the start of the day, but also need to be comfortable at the end of the day when your feet are more swollen. Make sure to find a pair with a bit of extra room to accommodate that swelling.

Support and Stability

Details like a shank in the outsole, a sturdy shaft, and a thick outsole all offer ankle and arch support. Aggressive lugs not only improve traction, but also improve stability.

Put them both together, and you’ve got a truly comfortable pair of boots.

Breathable Materials

A mesh lining or mesh cutouts in the boots’ upper (like those incorporated into the Merrell Moab 3s) allow heat and moisture to escape, keeping your feet cool, dry, and fresh all day long.


Cushioning & Shock Absorption

Cushioning and shock-absorption may be integrated into the insoles, in the form of a built-in footbed (like the Ariat WorkHogs have). The EVA foam midsole and the outsole will also likely add extra padding and reduce impact. Features like the compression pads built into the Wolverine Raider Durashocks add even more comfort.

(Note: If your boots don’t have enough cushioning or shock-absorption, you can always add a pair of insoles for work boots to step the comfort level up a notch or three.)

Bonus: Getting the Right Socks can Change Everything

Socks that are too thin won’t protect your feet from chafing, friction, or the pressure of a safety toe. Socks that are too thick will cause your feet to overheat and won’t allow room to swell, making for a more uncomfortable fit.

For everyday wear, the Camel City Mill Lightweights are my go-to work sock, thanks to their light weight, nice underfoot padding, and excellent breathability. If I’m wearing steel toe boots, want a bit more padding, or working in cold weather, I’ll opt instead for the Camel City Mill Heavyweights.


Give Your Feet the Pampering They Deserve

Don’t lock your feet up in thick, heavy, stuffy work boots that will leave them stinky, sweaty, and sore. Instead, treat them to comfortable, breathable, well-cushioned, supportive pair footwear that’ll keep foot pain and fatigue at bay.

The right pair of work boots built for comfort is an investment that will pay off for years of hard work to come.

For quality, comfort, and durability, I have yet to find a pair of work boots that can beat the JK O.T.s. Sure, the price tag is a bit steep, but the handmade construction and sport-and-work-friendly “hybrid sole” makes them the most versatile pair of boots on my list.

If you’re more into classic good looks, the moc-toe style of the Brunt Marins make them a pair of boots you can wear both to work and on the weekends. And if you’re going to be spending long days hoofing around a job site, the Tecovas Knox roper boots will keep up with any fast-paced work assignment.

The Ariat WorkHogs are my go-to for cowboy work boots, and I’ll wear the Wolverine Raider Durashock Boots whenever I’m going to be working heavily loaded and want a bit more impact-absorption to protect my feet. For a budget buy, the Merrell Moab 3s are a pair of boots I can use both when hiking and working all summer long.



What boots are comfortable for standing all day?

The JK O.T. boots are my go-to if I’m going to be on my feet all day, thanks to its ultra-supportive “hybrid sole”. But the Ariat WorkHogs make for a more budget-friendly buy and perform almost as well.

What are the best boots to wear on concrete?

I recommend the Wolverine Raider Durashock Boots for working on concrete. The thick compression pads built into the outsole offers amazing shock-absorption that reduces strain and fatigue on ultra-hard concrete surfaces.

How can I make my work boots more comfortable?

Wear a pair of socks that provides protection and padding and breathes well. Add a custom insole to increase shock-absorption and cushioning unique to your foot shape. Upgrade to a pair of work boots with more arch support and padding in the heel. Most of all, make sure the boots fit right according to your foot size—both before a long work shift, and at the end of the day when your feet tend to swell up.