The Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Written by Dean Stephens

There’s little in this world that makes a long work day more miserable than swampy, stinky feet.

Cotton socks just don’t cut it—work boots chew right through them, and they end up soaked with sweat and reeking so badly my wife insists I keep my boots in the garage where she can’t smell them.

The right pair of work socks, though, will be an absolute game-changer.

Socks purpose-built for heavy sweaters (like me) will keep your work boots fresher and cleaner than ever, and your feet more comfortable.

You will never regret making the switch.

Which Sock Material Is Best for Sweaty Feet?

The best sock material for sweaty feet is actually a blend of 2-3 different fabrics:

  • Wool, preferably Merino wool, is naturally durable, thermoregulating, odor-resistant, and pulls moisture away from your skin. However, on its own, wool can be a bit stuffy, and it doesn’t flex well. Also, all the moisture pulled away from your skin won’t dry, but be soaked into your shoes. That’s why the best socks for sweaty feet feature a blend of wool with synthetic fabrics.
  • Nylon and polyester are both excellent choices to blend in with wool for a fabric that is highly effective at not only pulling sweat away from your skin, but encouraging it to dry without it being absorbed into the inner lining of your work boots. Plus, they provide far more breathability and make the socks lighter-weight than if they were made from pure wool.
  • Spandex offers a bit of elasticity that lets the socks flex and conform to your feet far more efficiently than wool ever could on its own.

Put together, these fabrics create a material that keeps your feet cool, dry, and smelling much better than the average “casual” sock ever could.

Enter: The Camel City Mill Crew Wool Work Sock

Camel City Mill Crew Wool Work Socks are made with a blend of Merino wool, nylon, and Spandex that’s more than tough enough to stand up to daily use. The high-density knit is wonderfully resilient and resistant to damage. 

But what makes them truly special is their odor-resisting and thermoregulating properties and the integrated venting on both the socks’ shafts and the cushioned underside.

Our customers have mentioned in their reviews that they've worn these for a 10+ hour day of hauling supplies, throwing down flooring, or painting entire houses, and when they slide off their boots, their feet are surprisingly dry and fresh.

The ribbed padding incorporated into the heel and toe make them ideal for spending long days on your feet. The cushion makes for amazing comfort but isn’t so thick it gets in the way of your boots’ insoles.

As a co-founder here, I'm clearly biased, but they’re a pair of socks I would—and do—gladly recommend to all my tradie buddies and anyone putting in long hours in work boots.

Fortunately, you don't just have to take my word for it though, we have 400+ 5-star reviews to back me up!

We also offer an Ankle Wool Work Sock which is ideal for 6" boots as well as our flagship Lightweight Wool Work Sock suitable for up to 12" boots. 

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